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Community Bible studies are integral to the mission and ministry of our congregation. In these classes, we find a place of belonging, a place to build life-long relationships of mutual support and intentional growth in discipleship. All classes meet at 9:45 a.m. on Sunday morning. Check out our classes below.

* all adult classes are open to any age

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The children’s Sunday school uses The Gospel Project curriculum. The Gospel Project takes kids on a Christ-centered, chronological journey through Scripture. Kids discover how the gospel unfolds from Genesis through Revelation.

Name: Gems Location: Nursery, Fellowship Wing Age: Birth - 2 Teacher(s): Jamie Kelly

Name: Pebbles Location: Nursery B, Fellowship Wing Age: 3 - Kindergarten Teacher(s): Jamie Kelly and Rachel Gamble

Name: Stepping Stones Location: Room 1, Fellowship Wing Age: 1st - 3rd Grade  along with 

Name: Boulders Location: Room 2, Fellowship Wing Age: 4th - 6th Grade 

Teacher(s): Rotation of 3 teams 


ABC Student Ministries - our teenage ministry - is active at our local North Rock Creek public school and in the community. Our Sunday morning community groups emphasize the teaching of Scripture. We use Lifeway’s “the Gospel Project” to take a Gospel-centered approach to learning the biblical text. Through community groups our students will be adequately prepared for life, having the Word written on their hearts.

Location: Youth Room, Fellowship Wing Age: 7th - 12th Grade Leader: Courtland Clark

Our college ministry is actively involved on the OBU campus and within the surrounding community. We seek to offer encouragement, support, and discipleship through engaging and meaningful studies. We also believe that college students and young adults are in the prime stage of life to dig deep and develop lifelong habits. For that reason, we not only pour into The Word, but we also tackle controversial issues within society, debate theology, develop apologetics, and approach other worldviews with open minds and intellectualism. Our goal is to create a safe space where young adults can develop into lifelong believers and exceptional human beings. Not to mention all the fun, food, and friends we make along the way. We’d love for you to join us Sunday mornings.

Location: Upstairs  Age: 17 - 25 Leader: Holly and Monte Dean


Come and join us at TNT for fellowship and Bible study every Sunday morning. Together, we strive to learn how to apply God’s Word in our lives, using a combination of sources like video series and commentaries from proven biblically based teachers.

Location: Upstairs, Room 2 Age: 20's & 30's Leader: John and Anita Morgan

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Through in depth Bible study and class discussions, the Adult Too class equips class members to defend the faith and glorify God in daily life. Various books and DVD’s are used as a springboard for study and discussion; the Holy Bible is used as the final authority in studying God’s Word.

Location: Upstairs, Room 1 Age: 40's & 50's LeaderMark & Lisa Walker

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Our class explores truths and insights from the Baptist Quarterly. We go through the study and discuss the questions (We have some great discussions), using the Bible as our final authority! Come join us!!

Location: Cry Room Age: 60+ Leader: Doris Smalley

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Mission Minded Mature Adults 

Biblical study on developing, maintaining, and enriching family life while planning for the future. 

1. Power of constant prayer 

2. Bible Study 

3. Actively supporting local missions and more

Location:  Cry Room Age: 55+ Leader: Kathy Riddle & Don Morris

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Interested in becoming a member of ABC? Join this 4-week class as our Pastor discusses the process to church membership, the history of our church, what exactly our church believes and explore how you can get plugged in to a Community Group class.

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