ABC Student Release Form


By checking the box below I, as the parent/guardian of the student named above, grant permission to Aydelotte Baptist Church, of Shawnee, Oklahoma, to participate in events dealing with the church, and its ministries, both on and off church grounds. This includes travel to and from events in or out of the state of Oklahoma. I hereby waive, release and discharge Aydelotte Baptist Church from any claim or cause of action involving the transportation of the above named child. Further, we waive any claim against vehicle drivers and/or owners. We are satisfied that the drivers of the vehicles are responsible and careful drivers and will exercise good judgement.

Furthermore, by checking the box below I also grant Aydelotte Baptist Church/Representative consent to contract for or otherwise provide any and all medical treatment for the above named child to be exercised in their sole discretion. Further, we agree to reimburse any and all medical expenses that may be incurred as a result of their exercise of the consent herein granted.

Additionally, I agree to allow the child/children listed above to be contacted by the church, via text message, phone calls, or social media regarding student events.

I agree to allow the child/children listed above to be in group/individual photos, which may be posted to the Aydelotte Baptist Church website or social media.

By clicking the below box you certify that you are, indeed, the parent/legal guardian of the above name child/children. You guarantee that you have in no way falsified any information or attempted to mislead or be untruthful, when providing the information herein.

Thanks for submitting!